Health & Safety

Safety is our #1 priority

Safety is our number one priority when hosting the Sanitarium Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon. At every stage of the course (swim, transition, cycle and run) there are HELP TEAM marshals to assist your child if they need it.

Our marshals will be wearing shirts branded HELP TEAM so they will be easy to spot. The Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon consists of three activities – the swim leg, cycle leg and finally the run. We stage the event in age and gender groups of no more than 20-30 kids at a time. That way each participant has room to move even though there will be others swimming and cycling near you.

Each event has a limited capacity. This is the maximum number of participants we can safely fit into the transition area and on course.

Please Note: We have a strict bike removal process. Transition opens in full after prizegiving. This is for the safety and enjoyment of ALL participants so please plan your day at the Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon to be until approximately 1pm.

The event will still be held even if it rains, unless the rain is torrential and considered dangerous. We encourage you to check our website for event status, our facebook page or listen to your local The Hits station on the morning of the event.

There are some important things we need you to do before coming to the event to make sure your child will be safe:

1. Check your child’s bike

Prior to the Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon, it is strongly recommended you have your child’s bike and helmet safety checked at your local Bike Barn bike store. The Bike Barn store checking your child’s bike and helmet for the Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon will do so according to the Pre Event Cycle Checklist.

It is not compulsory to have your bike checked, but again, it is strongly recommended!!

If you do not have time to get to a Bike Barn store prior to the event, the Bike Barn Team will be there on the day to check bikes. Just look for the blue Bike Barn tent & make sure you allow enough time in the morning. Please note that the Bike Barn Team on the day may not have all the equipment on hand, to be able to make any major repairs if needed.

There is also the possibility of delays in waiting for bike checks on the day so a pre-event check is again recommended.

2. Swim safety

  • What if participants have only ever swum in a pool? Will they be able to touch the bottom in open water locations?

The swims will be very clearly marked with swim buoys and lifesavers and swim safety teams will be there to assist your child at every stroke. Beach swims are run parallel with the shore so children will always be able to touch the bottom. To check the pool depth in your location click please check the MY LOCATION PAGE.

  • Can floaties or flippers be worn?

Every participant in the Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon must be able to swim. Flippers can obstruct and injure other participants while swimming so we ask that flippers or other items to help you swim are not worn.

Floaties (arms) are permitted. There are flutter boards and “noodles” available (pool swims only).

  • Why do I need to wear my swim cap?

There are a number of reasons why swim caps need to be worn during the swim leg of the TRYathlon.

  1. It enables the TRYathlon event team to identify, manage and marshal the correct age groups when they are ready to swim and wearing only swim togs and swim cap.
  2. It makes it easier for our lifeguards to identify swimmers. This is especially the case for open water swims where other swimmers may also be swimming in the water, but also useful in pools.
  3. For those with longer hair, it eliminates hair getting caught in equipment or other swimmers.

Please note that while we request that swim caps are worn, in the case of extreme discomfort or allergy we are happy to allow swimmers to swim without a swim cap if they have discussed this with us prior to swim start.

If you need any further information on swim safety at our event, please contact our Registration and Call Centre Team on 0800 WEET BIX (9338 249)

3. Special Needs

  • What if my child has a medical or physical condition?

On the entry form is a place for you to note down your child’s medical or physical condition. If due to a medical or physical condition your child will require the assistance of a parent or caregiver to participate in the event we request that you call 0800 WEET BIX (9338 249) or email us at least 5 days prior to the event so that our Inclusion Manager can arrange a HELP TEAM shirt for you so that you are able to access all areas of the event (including transition) with your child.

Please make sure the Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon team know about it. We need to make sure that your child is safe on the day!

4. Parents educating their kids

Please make sure that your child knows;

  • That their helmet should be a tight but comfortable fit. Help them with their helmet straps before they come to the event so that their helmet fits correctly.
  • That in the transition from Swim to Cycle, it is a MUST for them to do their shoe laces up well. Have a practice before the event so that they get used to making sure laces are tied before they start the cycle leg.
  • To approach a Help Team Marshall (in a yellow & blue shirt) if they feel unwell at any time during the event. The incredible Help Team will be able to look after and are in contact with St Johns and Health and Safety Team Leaders who are positioned at various locations around the course.

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